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        <h2>Are you ready to spend less time on your website and more time doing what you love?</h2>        
        <h3>SEO Prompts is a guided strategy that gives novice DIY website creators actionable tasks in bite-sized pieces every day. 

Learn how to put in 20% effort for 80% of the results when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

This program teaches you how to research and write authoritative content that converts, shows you how to source and optimize images, and explains how to make strong design decisions. It walks you through specific assignments step-by-step and then gives you a template to replicate the process elsewhere. 

  • Daily emails so you can focus on taking actionable steps
  • Short tasks so SEO doesn’t consume your day
  • A step-by-step guided strategy for long-term results
  • Varied tasks so SEO is less likely to feel like a chore

You get all of this hand-crafted strategy for less than $1 per daily email. (Try getting that price from a consultant!)

SEO Sprints: Monthly Subscription
SEO Marathon: Annual Subscription
SEO Sprints: Monthly Subscription
Monthly subscription.

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SEO Marathon: Annual Subscription
All the goodness of the SEO Sprints, but with 18% off when you get the SEO Prompts annual subscription.

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