If you’ve been offered an unpaid guest posting opportunity, you probably want to make sure it’s worth your time. Even if you’re not being paid, it might help your search engine rankings. You need to evaluate guest posting opportunities carefully, and understand what to look for.

How to Evaluate Guest Posting Opportunities

A huge part of SEO is authority. Even if someone isn’t directly linking to you, but mentioning your brand or name, Google recognizes that. It is, of course, better when a link is involved – but not necessary! This means that even an unpaid guest posting opportunity may be worthwhile.

Evaluating Author Links

Sometimes blogs will give you an author section with a link, but use the “nofollow” parameter so that you don’t get link juice. Even in this scenario, you’re still getting 1) brand mentions and 2) exposure. Where this becomes useful is that anyone quoting your article and properly attributing you as an author will likely include both your name and link in their own, externally written post. This can be exponentially useful for SEO, particularly if you’re being published somewhere with a wide audience relevant to your field.

Evaluating Brand Mentions

Getting people to talk about you, mention you in social media, and attribute you in their own articles is fantastic for building your authority in Google’s eyes. It’s notable that social media doesn’t directly impact rankings, but does put your name and content in front of those who would link back to it.

Is it worth it?

If a legitimate online publication is approaching you for an article, it may be worth your time (as it relates to SEO) whether they’re on a Wix site or custom-designed WordPress site. The quality of their content and the reputation of their brand is what is most important to evaluate these opportunities.

What questions do you still have about evaluating guest posting opportunities for SEO?