Anne DorkoMy name is Anne Dorko and I own and operate SEO Prompts. I’ve been building websites since 2006, so I have lots of experience designing websites that perform well in search results! While the SEO industry has changed over the years, the foundational principles remain the same: write great content that makes your goals clear to readers and search engines alike. All it takes are short daily SEO tasks to make this possible on your website.

Of course, as soon as you get into it, there are seemingly endless tasks to be done to truly rank well in search engines. So many, in fact, that you quickly become overwhelmed and spend more time trying to strategize than actually execute a strong SEO strategy.

That’s why I built SEO Prompts! By sending you a different 15 minute assignment every day, you only have to focus on one small task at a time. I handle the research, strategy, and organization for you. This makes SEO a no-brainer: all that’s left is for you to invest about 15 minutes per day.

Stop wasting hours sorting through the latest expert advice and trends, and subscribe to SEO Prompts to start in on SEO without the headache.

Learn more about me at AnneDorko.com