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SEO Prompts example email with strategic SEO task

SEO Prompts sends daily strategic SEO tasks designed to take less than 15 minutes. Get a free two week trial.

You’re an enterprising individual who has invested a lot of effort, time, and money into building up an amazing website. It was an uphill battle, but you made it! However, you’ve discovered your hard work could be wasted without using SEO to rank well in Google.

  • You’ve realized for your website to be competitive, you need SEO.
  • You know ranking a website in search engines is a difficult process but worth the effort.
  • You feel lost in the headache of all your SEO efforts.
  • Everything so far has felt like a catch-up game; you’re constantly swimming against the current.

Daily Emails

Simple Tasks

Set Strategy

How much time have you wasted on SEO?

You’ve scoured the internet and are tired of endless checklists that don't make sense for SEO beginners. The amount of jargon you’ve worked your way around is dizzying. You wanted clear insight and strategy, but all you have are wasted time and complicated answers. You’re interested in growing a successful business... not becoming an SEO expert!

By now you are sick of learning SEO. All you need is a simple way to optimize your site and get ranked in search engines – without the headaches, thank you very much. Currently, SEO is distracting you from your goals, and you want to recenter.

Don’t waste any more valuable time getting lost in the information fog!

There are 14 million results for "SEO strategy" – that's a lot of fog.

Are you ready to leave your SEO headaches behind?

SEO can be simple to implement, without requiring hundreds or thousands of dollars per month for a consultant. What you need are clear instructions, given to you one step at a time. You want your efforts to be well worth your time, so the instructions should all be based on an actionable strategy (preferably one you don't have to think about).

SEO Prompts is a simple implementation of straight-forward, no-nonsense advice for long-term success. Free up all the time you normally spend researching SEO and measurably improve your website's presence in search engines without the upfront learning and planning.

Here's how easy SEO should be:

SEO Prompts example email with strategic SEO task

That's seriously it! No research to figure out this is what you need to do. No stressing over what today's focus is. The strategy is already built in, and SEO Prompts provides you with clear instructions for a simple task. 

Why SEO Prompts?

SEO Prompts is an easy, affordable way to remind yourself to consistently carry out those little tasks that boost your rankings in search engines. These are not revolutionary tips, tricks, and secrets. These are all the essentials of SEO broken down into manageable daily basics so you don't have to think about it anymore.

  • Daily emails so you can focus on taking actionable steps
  • Carefully curated tasks < 15 minutes so SEO doesn't consume your day
  • Part of a bigger strategy so you are always building on past work
  • Varied tasks so SEO is less likely to feel like a chore

Prepare your site for a long-term SEO strategy with #SEOTechPrep, a free 2 week introductory trial.

SEO Sprints

Great for getting started.
$ 18 Monthly
  • Strategic SEO Prompts every business day
  • Get back hours of your life
  • Save thousands by doing SEO yourself
  • Free two week access to #SEOTechPrep

SEO Marathon

For the committed website owner.
$ 180 Yearly
  • Strategic SEO Prompts every business day
  • Get back hours of your life
  • Save thousands by doing SEO yourself
  • Free two week access to #SEOTechPrep

How to get started:

Get started by signing up for the 100% free #SEOTechPrep email course, which will help you prepare your site for a long-term SEO strategy by setting up the following in two weeks:

  • Google Analytics, a free tool to track the traffic on your website.
  • Webmaster accounts with Google and Bing, the leaders of search.
  • On-page SEO tools for your platform, to make optimization easier well into the future.
  • A sitemap so search engines can find all of your site’s pages.
  • Submissions to Google and Bing for having your site be properly included in results.

At the end of these two weeks, you'll be invited to join SEO Prompts as a subscriber to continue improving your site's search engine rankings. Stop letting SEO research distract you so you can enjoy some newfound free time and invest that time in something you enjoy doing... let's get started!

Who am I and why am I offering SEO Prompts?

Anne Dorko stirring coffee at workMy name is Anne Dorko and I've been building websites for over ten years. During that time I have personally struggled to maintain good SEO habits for my own sites, as well as clients. It's so easy to get caught up in the details and worry about the next big shiny object in search engine optimization – to the point no optimization actually gets done!

That's when I started getting into different ways of handling my to-do lists and project management. When I broke things down into baby steps that I could take every day, I began to see progress. My follow through improved, and so did the quality of my work.

Now, I've been applying the same techniques to my SEO work. I've seen a 300% increase in organic search traffic and a major upswing in subscriptions by simply paying attention to the SEO basics on a regular basis. One day at a time really works!

That's where I got the idea for SEO Prompts: because I've struggled with this same problem and I want to offer a simple solution that helped me.

Don't suffer needlessly like I did.

Listen, I know you’re struggling as you try to build your own SEO strategy. It's not easy. There are so many SEO blogs and tools out there to help you do it, but it gets overwhelming. Given the chance, I hope to help you tune out the noise and manage your own SEO by letting you invest your time where it counts the most... instead of wasting it on wild goose chases.

Introducing SEO Prompts' Daily SEO Tasks

New SEO tasks arrive in your inbox every weekday. The research and planning is already done, all that's left is to apply it to your website. A subscription to SEO Prompts saves you hours of effort and makes it a no-brainer to optimize your site.

Daily SEO Tasks: Take the Headache Out of SEO

SEO Prompts has a free, two week trial called #SEOTechPrep. You can start right now to prepare your site technically for a long-term SEO strategy and decide whether SEO Prompts is the right format for you. All it takes is 15 minutes per day.


P.S. No credit card information or prepayments required to get your free trial!

P.P.S. Don't forget to check your email and confirm your subscription once you sign up, or you won't be able to receive the #SEOTechPrep course. 🙁

Just a reminder – my name is Anne Dorko and I run SEO Prompts. Learn more about this project and about my past work. Have questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch!

About SEO Prompts

SEO Prompts is an online service provided by Anne Dorko to aid in SEO-friendly web design and content marketing.